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Dating as an aromantic asexual?

Guest QuestioningAroAce

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Guest QuestioningAroAce

So I’ve known I was asexual for quite some time, but recently I’ve stumbled across the term aromantic and started to identify as that. But I’m not sure if I am because  I show platonic love in ways society views as romantic (cuddling, holding hands, one on one “dates”, etc.). Also, I’m very physical in my friendships like cuddling and stuff. Anyways since the way I show platonic love is so similar to how most people show romantic love, I was wondering if dating would be a possibility? Similarly to how some asexuals I know can be in a sexual relationship while still being asexual. Could I be in a romantic relationship while still being aromantic?

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Of course you can ! There is often a confusion between :

  • romantic drive,
  • romantic attraction,
  • romantic favorability/neutrality/aversion
  • desire for a romantic relationship with a person in particular, and
  • dating said person.

These are four different things and it's totally possible to enjoy/feel one without the others. It is not mandatory to behave as the archetypal aro person. Let's not replace amatonormativity with some arbitrary aronormativity.

If, at a time,  you find out that romantic relationships are not for you, maybe you can be interested by the concept of queer-platonic relationships.

Good luck !

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