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I hate being lithromantic

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I've always looked forward to romance and all the fun stuff growing up and told myself to be patient and I'd find someone to love one day. But my world shattered when I realized why none of my relationships never worked out. I thought, oh i just got through the honeymoon gaze and am no longer seeing everything through heart shaped glasses. It turned out that wasn't it. I found out I was lithromantic by talking to someone of the asexual spectrum like myself. She had pointed out to me that I was probably lithromantic and I read into it and everything became clearer. Its depressing to even think about because I dont want to be alone, I'm lonely and I want to love someone but know it wont last so why even try. The other person will only ever end up getting hurt and my hopes will just come crashing back down once again. Its depressing to think about. I already hate the fact I dont want sex, but now am coming to terms with the fact that I will never have a working romantic relationship. 

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Guest A random lith demiguy

[this post is ironical, please don't be offended alloromantic peoples]

Hey, fellow lith person !

I totally get why you feel like that because I have similar phases too. But I prefer looking at lithromanticism as a superpower, the best of two worlds :

  1. You are not* out of touch with the feeling of normies and therefor can acces the aestetics and content the rest of this decadent society is producing for your own enjoyment
  2. You still have acces to the luxury of having 24  free hours in a day to be happy like the rest of the civilized people that don't have to bother with romance addiction structuring their entire life

Please, don't hate the fact that you don't love [something], hate the fact that society try to make [this thing] mandatory to be happy. Because they are objectivelly wrong, icecream is better :aroicecream:^_^

*Well, maybe not totally out of touch, I have my fare share of hilarious aromantic moments(TM) to be honest (which I'm not)

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I totally empathize with what you're saying. I've been feeling down about it too. Ultimately, I think it's not necessarily something you need to be proud of, but it is an aspect of yourself that you have to make peace with. I've heard of lithro friends of friends who are in relationships with just very specific boundaries, so you could possibly still have a romantic relationship, if you wanted.

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