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  1. I completely understand, its rough on most lithromantics. I usually end up dating people I was friends with first and I'm lucky the romantic relationship lasts more than a couple weeks. I hate how it always ends up because once again, they were friends before. I can like someone romantically for months, but when they finally reciprocate, the feelings dwindle down to nothing but annoyance and being uncomfortable when they want to hold hands or even be romantic at all.
  2. I get what you are saying. Society made me believe that in order to be happy, I need romance and whatnot. I've heard that before and it makes sense. In most books, places, and movies there is some element of romance that makes you just wish you had it.
  3. I've always looked forward to romance and all the fun stuff growing up and told myself to be patient and I'd find someone to love one day. But my world shattered when I realized why none of my relationships never worked out. I thought, oh i just got through the honeymoon gaze and am no longer seeing everything through heart shaped glasses. It turned out that wasn't it. I found out I was lithromantic by talking to someone of the asexual spectrum like myself. She had pointed out to me that I was probably lithromantic and I read into it and everything became clearer. Its depressing to even think about because I dont want to be alone, I'm lonely and I want to love someone but know it wont last so why even try. The other person will only ever end up getting hurt and my hopes will just come crashing back down once again. Its depressing to think about. I already hate the fact I dont want sex, but now am coming to terms with the fact that I will never have a working romantic relationship.
  4. I get it, to all the comments above. It's tough. I personally hate being lithromantic because I wanyed romance and the relationships and all the things you see in movies or read in books. It's just something I've always looked forward to but have to come to realize I'll never have. I love flirting and developing crushes but when they start to reciprocate, my feelings just dwindle down to nothing and I dont see them the same. I'm personally probably asexual so I dont really ever want that either. So it's difficult even trying for romantic relationships.
  5. My name is paige and I feel uncomfortable admitting to people that I am lithromantic. Probably also asexuals but people say it's a faze, so I dont know about that, but I am lithromantic. I like flirting and develop crushes and fall in love in some cases, but it never lasts. As soon as my feelings are reciprocated, my feelings go away. Everything about them just no longer has me feeling the same. They start messaging me every day and I ignore them. They get touchy and I push them away. I just dont know what to do in regards to relationships anymore. I always feel guilty afterwards cause I break up with them and I feel dirty and manipulative in the end because I know it's going to happen. Should I stay away from romantic relationships then? I just dont know what to do or who to talk to.
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