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playing Stardew Valley while aro


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Playing Stardew Valley is one of my favorite tools for de-stressing and just generally having a good chill time, and now it’s also providing me with a little extra affirmation for being aro.


For those unaware, it’s a bit of a farming simulator “sandbox” type of game where you can develop your land into basically whatever you want, and interact with the townsfolk. This includes helping them out, making friends, and even getting married. This last bit always put me off a bit, because there’s a list of villagers who are considered “marriage candidates” and getting closer to these people gradually nudges you into a romantic narrative. 


However! The most recent update of the game added the option of one particular character who can become your platonic housemate. His name is Krobus, and he’s a friendly monster (shadow person?) who lives in the sewers because he’s afraid of being persecuted by the other villagers. Once you develop a close enough friendship with him, you can invite him to live with you, offering him better protection. I just recently got to this point and it’s honestly so heartwarming... he’s a little insecure about being “so physically different” and afraid of being found out, but he likes to venture outside in the rain, and sometimes he attempts to make human food for you. You can hug him, too. 


I appreciate this new change to the game a lot because there are a bunch of other aspects that I thought were really presumptuous. For instance, there’s a fortune teller that will tell you that she sees you and the “marriage candidate” you’re closest friends with being together, and the last house upgrade comes with a baby nursery full of non-removable furniture. But with Krobus around, I get to straight up defy all of that (pretty sure it cancels out getting married). It’s pretty satisfying.


So anyway I just wanted to share in case this sweetens the deal for anyone considering playing the game. Plus I almost can’t help but rave about it haha 

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