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Am I The Only Person Who Cried When They Found Out They Were Aromantic


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My name is Amanda and I decided to do some research on why I have never had a crush. That lead me to Aromantic and its meaning and examples of how people found out they were Aromantic. While reading through I realised that almost every example applied to me and I felt so guilty I started crying. I was crying because I was in a relationship which was why i was researching in the first place, I wanted to know why I still didnt have any strong emotions towards him yet. Now I know why and I just feel so guilty

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Hello Amanda :)


I also cried when I found out I am aro. Well, I cried several times in the process (first when I realised I am probably aro, then several times because I felt bad to be aro, then when an aro friend told me it's okay to be aro) - but I also felt very happy that finally I have an explanation for, well, my whole life. It is a complicated process. It is important to give yourself time with it :)


I also feel guilty sometimes about the people I have dated in the past. I know that they loved me, and I did not know I was aro so I could not explain why I loved them, but also did not love them at the same time. Sometimes I wish I could write to them again to apologise. But I don't think that will help. I did not know I am aro back then, I was only doing my best with what I knew about myself. It was not my fault I was confused about my feelings, and it is not your fault either. At the end, I am me and you are you and we are aro and that is just the way we are. Nobody should need to apologise or feel guilty for who they are.

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