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Different Romantic attraction to females and males?


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Hey, I am Sandra, 17 years old.

I am gray-bisexual, just to mention if in any case that might be relevant to know.


I'm also pretty sure that I'm bi-alterous (I thought I should put that here, before I'll start with the main subject).



I actually just want to talk about my romantic attraction, since I don't really understand what my romantic attraction is.


I am confused, because I think I actually have felt romantic attraction to boys without really getting to know them when I was younger, and I think I really was in love with them back then, I never really spoke to them, but they were in my class (I was about 12 years old).

For the girls I have actually dated did I only start to feel romantic attraction (what I think of was romantic attraction) for when they told me/ when I strongly had the idea that they liked me.

This makes me think that there's a big possibility that I'm Recipromantic, but only to girls.

Now I'm confused, because I have never seen anything being mentioned about experiencing romantic attraction differently to females and males on any site on the internet.


Now, I know that my romantic attraction also fades after getting to know the person better, so that makes me being frayromantic for sure.

I do experience that to females for sure, only I am not sure how that is for males, since I never really got to know the boys that I fell in love with back then. But that's another story.


(Also.. after my romantic attraction fades I do still feel alterous attraction, which makes me still want to be close to them, but not necessary want to have a relationship with, and when we'd starts relationship, I'd always feel slightly uncomfortable to call the relationship a romantic relationship.)




Well, shortly said: I'm confused because I do experience my romantic attraction differently towards females and males, I am probably Recipromantic towards only females, while I can be romantically attracted towards females and males.

Is this possible? And is there by any chance a name/label for?

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