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  1. Hey, I am Sandra, 17 years old. I am gray-bisexual, just to mention if in any case that might be relevant to know. I'm also pretty sure that I'm bi-alterous (I thought I should put that here, before I'll start with the main subject). I actually just want to talk about my romantic attraction, since I don't really understand what my romantic attraction is. I am confused, because I think I actually have felt romantic attraction to boys without really getting to know them when I was younger, and I think I really was in love with them back then, I never really spoke to them, but they were in my class (I was about 12 years old). For the girls I have actually dated did I only start to feel romantic attraction (what I think of was romantic attraction) for when they told me/ when I strongly had the idea that they liked me. This makes me think that there's a big possibility that I'm Recipromantic, but only to girls. Now I'm confused, because I have never seen anything being mentioned about experiencing romantic attraction differently to females and males on any site on the internet. Now, I know that my romantic attraction also fades after getting to know the person better, so that makes me being frayromantic for sure. I do experience that to females for sure, only I am not sure how that is for males, since I never really got to know the boys that I fell in love with back then. But that's another story. (Also.. after my romantic attraction fades I do still feel alterous attraction, which makes me still want to be close to them, but not necessary want to have a relationship with, and when we'd starts relationship, I'd always feel slightly uncomfortable to call the relationship a romantic relationship.) Well, shortly said: I'm confused because I do experience my romantic attraction differently towards females and males, I am probably Recipromantic towards only females, while I can be romantically attracted towards females and males. Is this possible? And is there by any chance a name/label for?
  2. I suggest you to look "Alterous attraction" up, I think you could really be relating to that🤗
  3. If you mean that you don't really FEEL like you are those genders like male and neutral and female you could be ceterogender.. and since you also fluctuate between masculine, neutral(agender) and feminine that would be called ceterofluid.
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