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SF Bay Area Aromanticism Activities

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Hey all - 

Some of the local aro aces in my local ace group have been talking about trying to put something together for AroSpec Awareness Week in February, but ideally we'd like to partner with some aro activists who aren't so tied up in the ace community, in order to prevent it from being all aro aces and no other aro perspectives. Is anyone here aro, in the SF Bay Area, and interested in dipping their toes into activism or planning of any kind? Or do you know anyone who might be?


While we're at it we'd also be interested in just putting together something casual like facebook group or discord chat or mailing list or something for aros in the SF bay area if it seems like there'd be any interest.

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Hello - this is a bit of a late followup because I missed the previous notification, but I wanted to post an update on SF activities:


1. There's a new "Bay Areomantics" aro group page on facebook for Bay Area Aros (not created by me, but I just joined!)

2. There's going to be an ASAW event next week (February 22nd, in Berkeley), where I'm hoping we'll be able to get some names together and chat about future possibilities for more aro-focused local activities. Still drawing up a list of conversation prompts and icebreakers for it so I'm very open to suggestions!

I've also changed the name of this thread so that it can also just serve as a master thread for local stuff.

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Anything going to happen this year for AroSpec Awareness Week?  I'm new to all this (finally figured out what I am somewhat recently) and I was thinking since I am a photographer by profession that I might wanna do a portrait series of others on the AroSpec.  If anyone's interested let me know.  I was also thinking to shoot it in Polaroid or other film as well as digital... 

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Now it is many years later. I hope this group still exist. Not finding much in terms of networking. Live in the south Bay.


Now it is many years later. I hope this Facebook group still exist. I just requested permission to join. Not finding much in terms of networking. Live in the south Bay.


Started looking around because on the aro subReddit, folks are talking about going to pride.

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