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A poem inspired by my latest squish

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I thought I'd share this "poem" I wrote inspired by my latest squish. I say "poem" because I'm more interested in the therapeutic aspects of creative arts than the rules and regs. I haven't yet given it a name, or I might leave it untitled on purpose due to socety's sidelining of close friendships:


Are we all friendship-starved? In a romance obsessed society

that puts emphasis on the item as an independent one,

where has the best friend gone,

or the childhood-mates once so close?

Have we grown up from friendships

to adult relationships?

If that is the case I’d rather not grow up!

“Romance” with my “other half”

all from a double-attraction stance

that stands as the sole criteria

for love, companionship, connection, life…

but in its shadow is its loneliness

of separated, isolated independence,

a heart’s dark, unspoken sickness,

that when I get one moment of friendship

I realise how seriously starved I am.

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