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Did JRR Tolkien wright Aromantic characters


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Ok, hear me out. The Dwarves in JRR Tolkien's books have a "One". Sounds a bit romantic so far, right? Well, it is also states that a Dwarfs "One" can be their work or something they are passionate about. Like their "One" can be jewelry making or toy making or even mining. So to me, it sounds like the Dwarves have at least part of their population as Aromantic.

What do you guys think? (*´ω`*)

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I say absolutely, if that reading makes you happy, read it that way! The wonderful part about media is that the control over the interpretation is almost wholly ceded to whoever consumes it once it has been put out there. I personally love the thought that some the dwarves are aromantic! Gods, I think I'm gonna go and reread some of his stuff now!

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