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What should I do???!?!?!?



Warning: This story is a bit long so be prepared.

So my Mom and Dad had broken up when I was about a few months old due to a call from another woman who claimed that my father had gotten her pregnant. He had cheated before but this was, of course different. Similar to divorce arrangements, my mother had custody and would let my father borrow me from time to time. Sometimes with other members of his family like my aunt. A few years later, me, my mom, my aunt (Mom's side) could no longer afford to live in San Francisco so we moved to Stockton. After a little incident, we had moved yet again but this time my mom refused to let him know ourhome address, so we usually met at restaurants. It would just be me and him. At that point, I hadn't seen my aunt or cousins (Dad's side) for two or three years. Not until a few months ago. My father wanted to come see me, I was okay with it so I agreed. To my surprise, he had brought his wife and his stepson, ( but he always does) my sister, and my aunt and cousin. Now I haven't seen them in six years, so I was a little confused and uncomfortable. But we all had a great time nonetheless. My mom and my aunt had been good friends when my parents where dating, since she was in town my aunt had reached out and they've been talking casually since. Now comes my little and kinda stupid dilemma, my aunt proposed that I come to their house for a few days. She wants to get to know me. Sounds great right? Well I have a hard time trusting people and easily get anxious at the thought of being at someone's house by myself. We haven't spoken for six years! I would be okay with a day at their house, but not a full three days! I asked my mom if a day was okay but the drive would be too tiring and stressful since they live in Oakland. Now I'm trying to think of what to do!

Well, thanks for reading my stupid story. Adios! 

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