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not aro, but

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I think if I had felt the way I do now since my teens, I would identify as demiromantic. Cuz these days I'm just. So generally apathetic about romance, outside of fiction. (Though I do have one active crush, but it's kinda in the background and I'll never act on it since the object of said crush is taken.) 
But I did have crushes (one big one and maybe two very small ones), in my late teens, without the waiting period required to identify as demi. (I identify as recipromantic because those crushes started only after I thought they had feelings for me.) My current crush developed over a significant amount of time (which follows the demi thing), my first few didn't though.


I don't consider my recipromanticicism on the grey spectrum, for me at least--because I also had some general desire for a romantic relationship, even if only a little. These days I think even my "desire for romantic relationships" might be even smaller than it already was. I really like being single, whoohoo.

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