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I know a few things about squishes and I've had a handful of them but never on real people before (I'm that kind of weirdo that has squishes on fictional characters). Now I have a HUGE squish on a guy on my classroom and I don't know what to do. Where should I start? I haven't come out yet! And the wort thing is I think he thinks I like him romantically!! ?????

Plus I'm super awkward when I'm near him and he is always with other people, a.k.a I never get to spend time in private with him and if I did I would stay quiet. 

P. D. I'm not precisely interested on a QPR right now but I do want to tell him how I feel. 

Please HELP

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i get squishes on fictional characters too!! lol don't worry that's not weird :P aw man this sounds so tough I'm sorry you have to deal with this. If you wanna tell him how you feel, first I'd make sure to see if he might know about aro stuff, and if he didn't you could explain to him? Also, maybe practice talking to him more in private if you can get him alone to talk, it could start to get easier if you did it more and more. If you can never talk to him in private, maybe he has an email or phone number or instant messaging you could contact him by and try to start talking to him one on one there? I hope everything works out my dude! Good luck! 

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