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  1. Ok this is surely going to be a long post but I'll try to make it quick, basically I have an account here because I used to identify as aro/ace but I discovered I was just a big gay clinging to heteronormativity (just my case tho), and one of the things that made me realize this that I have a big crush on a friend of mine. And you may think, why tell this to a bunch of people who don't really want anything to do with romance and shit? Well because I know she identifies as aro/ace and although I respect that and even thought she was ace even before she told me mixed signals are a thing and I want your help to know if she is just doing this things because she feels comfortabe knowing I know nothing about those things is romatinc or if there is some shit going on. Here are some of the things that got me writing this post: 1.- We roleplay as our favorite queer ships on TV shows, and flirt, a lot. 2.- We give each other pet names that sometimes are and sometimes aren't related to our roleplays. 3.- When I go to her house we just chill on her bed playing video games and watching videos and always end up cuddling. 4.- Once when I left the bed she insisted I went back with her and when I denied her offer she tried to tickle me and ended up just throwing herself over me. 5.- She stared deeply into my eyes, and slowly approached her hand to my face to boop my nose, I felt akward and looked away, I could swear she looked disappointed (although it might have just been me the one who was disappointed she didn't lean in for a kiss) Si what do you think just really good friends or?
  2. Soooo, i kinda came out today (as ace at least) to my mom but ugh it didnt went as expected (not in a real bad sense) This is a long story. BEWARE BORINGNESS! (the short version starts in the next paragraph). This week the "you will marry someday", "you may find a cute/handsome boy in university (this in fact was my mom trying to convince me to do sports i dont want to tell the whole story)" talk was more present than usual and i started to get angry, each time my mom said that i was lie "i dont wanna marry anyone" and she kept saying it was going to happen, i told her not everyone wanted to and she said that she knew that "PANSEXUALS or whatever they call themselves dont want to" she reall said that! i had to explain but she didnt cared (not in an unrespectful way). SHORT PART: Then today i was ralking with her about yaoi (its wort if i dont tell her that if i do) and she asked me out of nowhere for my friendΒ΄s sexuality and then for mine i said "im asexual" and she was like "youre to young", i lost my interest in explaining more... Ill do it someday, maybe with a pun XD
  3. I also feel that way except for the part of being upset, I don't get upset in any way when someone likes me I get... Nervous? I freak out 😣
  4. I mean that I'm new in this whole romantic and sexual orientation thing so I wouldn't be able to answer the kind of questions you ask. Plus I'm not sure my parents would let me participate and even if they did my spoken English it's lame. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  5. Wow your project is amazing! I wish I could help but I have almost no experience, I wish you can folow with your project.
  6. I know a few things about squishes and I've had a handful of them but never on real people before (I'm that kind of weirdo that has squishes on fictional characters). Now I have a HUGE squish on a guy on my classroom and I don't know what to do. Where should I start? I haven't come out yet! And the wort thing is I think he thinks I like him romantically!! 😣😣😣😣😣 Plus I'm super awkward when I'm near him and he is always with other people, a.k.a I never get to spend time in private with him and if I did I would stay quiet. P. D. I'm not precisely interested on a QPR right now but I do want to tell him how I feel. Please HELP
  7. I was (am) wondering if I should tell my squish that we'll, I have a squish on him (I think he thinks I like him romantically and that would be a total MESS) so I searched for "I think my squish thinks I like him" and Google auto correct said "did you meant: "I think my crush thinks I like him" That was really disappointing.... I like shipping (not in real life just TV shows) and reading romantic (no smut) fanfics but when it it's about imaginating and writing romance I'm AWFUL I simply can't imaginate it, it is foregein for me. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
  8. Hello there I won't say my TRUE name but I call my self Kalina in all media. Imma girl. I like math, I LOVE physics, star wars, voltron (Klance Canon king xd) and I hate all sports. I'm new and I'm not sure what I'm doing. Im and aro ace, I searched for pride flags because I was curious and casually ran into the term aro, after doing a LOT of research I identified myself as aro and some days later I did research about asexuality and identified my self as ace as well. :v
  9. I was in some kind of romantic relationship once, it was not official but it sure felt as one. It ruined everything. We started as just friends, we were on the same class, I think the guy liked me since the very beginning but I'm not sure... We became real close, the main reason for this was that a lot of people excluded me so I ended up spending a lot of time with the same persons. Many people shipped us and I don't liked it but at the end I didn't cared. Our relationship didn't seem romantic until the very end, one week before the school year was over we went to a trip to a nearby city, I can't remember how it happened but we ended up holding hands and doing stuff like that, my 'friend' seemed confortable but I wasn't. I completely messed up, I hate myself for every single word I said that day. I lost almost all my friends: I stopped talking to the guy I was in a "relationship" with. One of my other friends became jealous because the guy liked me and basickg ruined my reputation. I didn't want to go back to the same school so without warning anyone I changed to another and stopped talking with all my friends. Now I understand why all that happened, it took me one year after that to discover the term aromantic. I never want to try a romantic relationship again. Wow, how rude from your friends, you should tell the guy you are dating (if you still are lol) that you don't like kissing and hugging and all that. I think you should also tell him you want the relationship to be platonic, if you don't it will hurt you both.
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