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QPR with a romantic friend

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Hi. I'm aro ace and my QPP is homoromantic with romantic attraction to me. I am generally chilled with her attraction to me and I love her companionship. I don't want her to get frustrated and she's concerned about "scaring me away". Is anyone else in a similar situation who could give handy advice etc. Thanks.

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Hi !

I'm kind of in the same situation. I'm in a QPR with an alloromantic and the only real advice I could give you is to talk about it with your QPP. Maybe tell her what you'r confortable and not confortable with.

My QPP was afraid to "scare me away" too so I clearly said to her what I was confortable with and what I wasn't confortable with. It seemed to have helped. 

Sorry if it did'nt help you.

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