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  1. Thank you ! I already knew about la vie en queer and arobase but didn't knew about amino. Also I stated my own aro tumblr blog if you'r interested here's a link : https://lesaromates.tumblr.com/?fbclid=IwAR0AGwCNRg7lrjmZTpFgnSrD5y0yFHlYb13cXJRYeNRutVVOXc7xIqtxgPg I tried to explain what aromanticism is.
  2. Hello ! I'm curious, is there any french people on Arocalypse ? And if yes do you know any ressources about aromanticism in french ? Anything I find on aromanticism is Always in English so...
  3. @running.tally Did you try explaining aromanticism with allegory ? Often time I find people understand that kind of things better if you explain it using concrete things. Like for exemple : a lot of people like chocolate but some are allergic to chocolat or just Don't like it. If you imagine that romantic attraction is chocolate, it works ! I explain it like that to a lot of people who didn't know what aromanticism was and even to a friend who had an aphobic reaction. The friend understood better and were less confused after I explained using allegory.
  4. I have been in several romantic relationship. It wasn't really because I loved them (obviously or I wouldn't be aro XD) but more because it was what was expected of me and I didn't really mind being in one. Anyway they never lasted long and I never exepected them to last so... Now I'm in a QPR and I hope this one last ! I'm more confortable in this one than any of the other 😊
  5. Wasn't the definition of squish an intense feeling of platonic attraction or something like that ? I'm a bit confused.
  6. To give my opinion on wether it is possible to be aro and want to date, I would say yes but it mostly depend on the definition you give of "dating". I know that when I discovered aromanticism my reaction was : I can't be aromantic, I want to date someone ! But when I started going on this forum and really started to question myself and what I want, I discorvered that my definition of dating wasn't the same as how my friends. I Don't really know how to explain but when my friends dated somoene it was because they loved them romantically and only because of that. But this was never really a crit
  7. That's great ! I know it can be difficult because some day can be for me and my QPP, but it's Nothing a good conversation can't resolve ! Well I think so anyway ^^'
  8. Thank you ! Yes it really have been ! It was so difficult for me to come to term with my aromanticism because of amatonormativity 😥 but Arocalypse really helped 😉
  9. Hi ! I'm kind of in the same situation. I'm in a QPR with an alloromantic and the only real advice I could give you is to talk about it with your QPP. Maybe tell her what you'r confortable and not confortable with. My QPP was afraid to "scare me away" too so I clearly said to her what I was confortable with and what I wasn't confortable with. It seemed to have helped. Sorry if it did'nt help you.
  10. Hi ! You can call me Dobby (everyone calls me that anyway ). I've found this forums a while ago when I started to research the term aromantism, but couldn't decide to subscribe XD. Arocalypse really help me to understand what aromantism was. Especially the topic "You migth be aro if…." so thank you ! I know identify and am proud to be Aro !
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