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Hello! :o


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Heyo! It's nice to see all the aros on this forum! ^^ 


I'm Zee, and I use she/they pronouns. Uh.. I joined after deciding that I should leave tumblr and be in an aro community outside of that website. ^^; I'm an aro ace person :d My interests include Sonic the Hedgehog, video gaming, reading intersectional feminist and LGBTQ+ articles (and other progressive left things I find on the internet); browsing through pictures of cars and city aesthetics, and listening to music!


I knew I was aromantic.. quite recently. :0 I came to realize I was asexual first, then aromantic. When I was in elementary school, people were starting to talk about crushes they have, and I didn't quite understand the feeling of "being in love" with someone. Later, I forced myself into relationships with other people, to hopefully experience the attraction everyone around me felt, towards their crushes. I never did, and I was always the one to break these relationships. Some time in middle school, I stumbled upon the term "asexual", but I didn't claim the label for myself into way later, after I became gradually informed about the asexual spectrum. More recently, I found out about the romantic orientations, and I've settled with "aromantic" pretty quickly, because I don't think I've ever (and possibly will never?) experienced romantic attraction towards anyone. 


Nice meeting you all! :O Though because I found out Arocalypse has a Discord server, you might see me more active on there instead. ^^; But even so, y'all might see me pop up every once in a while. Peace! 

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