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Advice on figuring out my romantic orientation?


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I'm having a bit of trouble with it...


So, I'm Ace for starters, which is probably what's making this such a headache for me. I can't figure out whether I'm more likely to be aromantic or biromantic? 

I've never had a crush, and I'm oblivious as to whether someone has one on me. I thought that was a ace thing... But apparently crushes are romantic too.

And while I've never minded romantic subplots, they certainly are never my focus, and I kinda find them a source of comedy? Same goes for real life relationships I see. Like when my friend starts talking about her not-boyfriend-yet, and how she totally didn't break up with him, cause they were never actually dating, and I just can't stop laughing. It all sounds so ridiculous and I've no idea why she gets so stressed about whether or not she should date him. 

But on the other hand, a romantic relationship eventually sounds kinda nice? Like, I love the idea of being close enough to someone that we're completely comfortable with each other. Like invading each other's space, stealing food, hugging, other romantic-type stuff. (but no kissing)

Yet I feel like I could get that all from a QPR too? I'm honestly not sure what the exact difference between a QPR and a non-sexual romantic relationship is? (if anyone can help explain that, it'd be much appreciated)

Also, I've never dated before, so I don't know if that would help me understand? I'm very confused here.

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sounds kinda qpr-ish, but that could look differently for everyone.  i can't comment on what romantic attraction or relationships are supposed to look like--truly a mystery.  the only thing i've gathered is that it's something different.  like with a squish, you feel platonic attraction, like you do toward your friends, but stronger or more immediate; romantic attraction supposedly feels somehow differently.  then there's quasiplatonic, which could be somewhere between platonic and romantic.  also, wanting a romantic relationship and feeling romantic attraction may not go hand-in-hand (ex. cupioromanticism).  as for dating, it might help you decide how you feel about it--sure did for me--but be careful: you may end up inadvertently hurting yourself and your partner.  just do whatever feels right and be open and honest with yourself and your partner (queerplatonic or romantic), if you have one.  don't force anything.

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