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Being Poly and Aegoromantic


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So, I'm aromantic, specifically aegoromantic, but recently, I've been sensually attracted to multiple people. Like, I would love to live together with my two friends and cuddle all the time, no romance and no sex. My question is, can you be polyromantic, but not romanticIs it called, like, polysensual? 

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polyamorous means you can be attracted to more than one person at once.  most people use it to mean 'romantically and sexually attracted' but i identify as poly and i use it to describe queerplatonic and sexual attraction, and you could apply it to others.  when you use the prefix 'poly-' before a type of attraction it describes the number of genders to which you're attracted, i.e. more than one but not all because that would be pan, so like someone who likes women and nb people might be polysexual/polyromantic.  sounds like you're describing polyamory.

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