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i'm questioning my romantic orientation, could somebody give me some advice?



heya, so i'm in a bit of a pickle: ever since grade 1, (i'm in the further part of middle school) i've never had a crush. everybody my age seems to have at least one, and i can just never relate to that. even when i was in kindergarden, the most that happened was that i thought kids were cute or nice, but i've never had the childish desire to, for example, "marry them". i don't mind holding hands or anything but kissing always sounded kinda gross to me. i thought i was homoromantic (i'm ace) and relationships sound, fun i guess, but i've never fallen in love or was able to even if i've had people have crushes on me.


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I agree with what @The Angel of Eternity said. Me being fourteen y/o, I understand that it can be hard to be sure. Personally, I know that I'm aro, but I'm still open to the possibility that I could catch feelings for someone. Because it's true that I might be a late bloomer, but that's just a chance and I don't want it to define my romantic orientation.

As far as wanting a romantic relationship, I think there are a lot of "romantic" things you could do with a friend or QPP, just without the romantic feelings. For example, when I want to hold someone's hand or go to a school dance with someone, I can do those things with my best friend.

I hope my response helped ???

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