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When is too young to know you are Aro

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im 14 i told my bi sister i was aro a few days ago and she was like 'ur confused' and said i was judging her when i said she didnt support me :c
i can obviously find a couple cute, but have never had a crush and honestly its not even smth i want for my life, i never understood everyones obsession for having a partner or that ud like someone sm that u couldnt even seem to talk to them normally, idk

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On 7/22/2017 at 1:03 PM, hippiecat said:

I first wondered about what was wrong with me around age 14. I could never name a crush when my friends asked about it, and no one believed me. But I was always sure that it would change and all the boys in my class were just gross. I'm 19 now and pretty sure I'm aro/ace but always open to things changing... So in a way I feel like you can know at a very young age and also that you can never truly KNOW. Although sexuality can change so that's that. I'm rambling a bit but I guess you can identify as aro whenever you start feeling like you differ from your peers when it comes to crushes and romance etc. And if one day you realise you're something else, then just go with it, labels aren't everything :P.

oh same, my friends also didnt believe me and it was frustrating. also the boys in my class are gross but that was never the reason i didnt like them. im 14 rn but when i was 12 i told my sis that i had never liked anyone, and she was like weirded out and said it wasnt normal. so a year ago, i discovered the word aromantic and its definition and i think i can identify w it. 

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Guest Just A Person

Sounds to me like you might want what’s called a queerplatonic relationship.

I think it’s likely you’re on the aromantic and asexual spectrums.I am Aromantic Asexual and I experience aethstetic attraction like you described.

Also you could be homo orientated.

Best of luck.

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