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  1. Ha ha ha... When someone asked me out I googled trying to find out what to do and I found a post about something similar on here. I had an account for the AVEN forums at the time but I didn't find out about arocalypse because of it
  2. I am offended because your profile picture looks like an echidna rug and I hate when people make animal skin rugs.
  3. Okay before I start I would like to say I'm possibly cupioromantic but I tend to just say I'm Aromantic I prefer broader labels if I must have them. Oh and like no one knows what cupioromantic. I desire a close partnership that I don't have currently. I desire being able to hug and cuddle with a person as well as being able to have a deep conversation. I could have this with friendship but I don't tend to be an affectionate person towards my friends. This is more the sort of relationship I would concider a queerplatonic one for me at least. Its more than ordinary best friends for me but there isn't any romantic love. My squish is the girl who in particular I want this slightly more than friendship relationship, I don't want to kiss her or have sexual intercourse in fact the idea of that disgusts me. If we went out to dinner or the movies it would be just like friends. I don't even really want to hold hands although I wouldn't be against it either. I don't find her attractive, cute, hot sexy ect. But just like anyone else I can see how others would find her attractive. I know she has this huge crush on this guy she's friends with and I don't feel jealous and if we were to be in a QPR and she still liked him I still wouldn't mind. She could date him and it wouldn't bother me as long as she doesn't ignore me or anything. I would get more jealous of one of her friends than of a boyfriend or romantic interest of hers. If we were to get married it would be purley for financial and legal benefits and we probably wouldn't have a big wedding but I'd be unlikely to do that as it stops her from having a proper husband. If we had a child (adopted) we would- actually we wouldn't have a child unless they were homeless in which case I would want to be a friend/carer of the child not a parent exactly but that's just me.
  4. What I got from that was the girl thinks she's trash or a trashcan
  5. I don't tend to necessarily come out per say I more just causally talk about things like everyone knows. Here are examples of me coming out to people: "oh my type is no one" or "well I mean I am aromantic so...." Or "*insert galifrayen for I'm breaking up with you Levi. I'm Aromantic, asexual aromantic and asexual. Basically I don't like people sexually or romantically and I'm not male or female. Goodbye -Ren*" and then my friend had to explain to him in detail cause he had no clue what aromantic is lmao (also yes I broke up with someone in gallifrayen. Yes that circle writing from doctor who. Yes that's what I wrote and yes I'm a massive nerd. I told him how to read it though so at least im semi nice And lastly *shows friends some funny aro related thing* "I relate so much"
  6. It really depends one what you consider famous like take my mother for example she could be considered famous (she is bisexual not acearo but you get the idea) but have you ever heard of a woman that goes by the name Obsi/Obsidian/Obsidian Star? Probably not because you have to be in the right circles. But within those circles my mother could be considered famous even though you've quite possibly never even heard of what makes her "famous" Also I would totally sing a love song to a lamp. Or food. Or my cat... Or probably just one of my friends, they all know I'm aro and they sing love songs to me all the time even though they are straight as a joke.
  7. At the moment I'm hardly aromatic (my phone almost corrected that to aromantic that's a first its normally the other way around) I've just been to a con wearing 7 layers of fabric in some spots I stink like hell... Anyway.... I made the mistake of accidentally writing aromatic once on this forum. I had a whole bunch of people pointing it out to be
  8. I'm in junior highschool and we just finished doing sex-ed or as much sex as we do for my age. Whe normally are just set assignments and the teacher says nothing but at the start of sex-ed one of the things we had to do was name different sexualities. People easily named straight, gay and bi. We even had one boy say pan (tbh I was impressed that he knew it but he says he has a couple of pan friends) and after every one someone said I quietly said asexual until my friend got sick of it and put up her hand and said it, only the boy who said pan and my friends new what asexuality is thought. I was very tempemted to say Aromantic as well even though not technically a sexuality but I was kinda nervous to say anything even though its well known I'm not straight. mentions of sex ahead but it is sex ed we are talking about so... Also in all our assignments it mentioned oral, vaginal and anal sex which surprised me honestly I thought it would be basic purely straight sex but we got our info from the Australian government's site
  9. Ha ha Lol yeah ~ is actually a mathematical sign but is also often used to make a text or whatever have more... Hmm idk his to explain it. Its often used in anime though.
  10. Yeah I hate it when people like me romantically. My male friend liked me and because I spent time around him because I wanted to be a closer friend he thought I liked him back and asked me out and painkied and said yes. Worst decision ever. Being with him was terrible not because he was a bad guy I love him just not in that way. The fact I was aro and he thought I liked him tore me to pieces and that mixed with that fact that he was straight and transphobic and I was closeted non binary led so so much bad stuff happening to me mental and in the end pyshically. It was the worst time in my life. I was never mad at him though even though he made me feel terrible and kick start the depression I still have. I still wonder why he liked me of all people. I feel sorry for him. He's a great guy and I hope his current girlfriend is a loving one like I wished I could be to him.
  11. So I have this friend (well best friend) who I have a huge squish on and I've wanted to ask her to be my QPP for quite a while now. The problem is I think that she will think I like her romantically and she's straight (I'm afab). I've told her many times I'm Aromantic and Asexual but she still thinks I'm lesbian because I mentioned that I don't like boys. I'm also scared that being in a QPR with her would make people think she's bi/lesbian and/or get her bullied. I love her to death (platonically of course) and I don't want her to feel uncomfortable. I also know she really likes this guy and I don't want to ruin her chances with him. I don't know what to do?! Please help!
  12. Oops sorry about the aromatic... I've changed it now... Serves me right for not rereading what I had written
  13. Despite what everyone that knows me irl seems to think I can be a flirtatious person sometimes. I often tend to semi-flirt with guys even though I'm aro and I have no attraction to males and no desire to date them. Whenever i catch myself doing this I stop though as i Dont want to lead the guy on. I also semi-flirt with my best friend often. Can you be a flirtatious Aromatic? Is it wrong to flirt with your best friend (she knows I'm aro and has no interest in her romantically)? By the way my flirting is basically: ◼Change of tone to a more cutesy tone. ◼Adding smiley and winking faces to texts. ◼Adding a ~ on the end of things. ◼Smiling when speaking to them (I don't smile much) ◼Change in stance when I speak to again a more cutesy stance. ◼Change in the way I speak. (Like the words I use) And other small changes like that
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