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why h. sapiens sapiens is going extinct

One-Eyed Jack

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Within the human world, words influence people and change the social environment. That has given people the false idea that words also change reality. But words have no effect on reality. No matter how persuasively someone stated that dropped objects fall upward, and the whole human world came to believe that that is the case, in reality dropped objects will continue to fall downward. All that would really happen is a disconnect of the human world from reality.


And that disconnect is why h. sapiens sapiens will become extinct. The human word is dominated by those who are particularly adept at playing word games, whether they be obvious demagogues or behind-the-scenes deceitful manipulators. Quite a few commonly accepted beliefs are disconnected from what is real. Reality always punishes that kind of disconnect, and it will end up punishing us.


Think about that the next time you hear lawyers and politicians (whose training is as lawyers) sleazing around on the public record. Sure, they know how to make it deemed to be fact that Neptune is closer to the Sun than Mercury, but they can't change that it's really much farther away. That they so often arrange for such falsehoods to be deemed true within the human world is what will kill all of us off.

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