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  1. I strongly headcanon Dr Who (all of them!!) as aro!! (and also Rose Tyler, because why not) some regenerations are more willing to be in a qpr type relationship (ten & rose and two & jamie come to mind) but they're all aroace I also headcanon Newt Geiszler (Pacific Rim) as aro, & also Zuko and Toph from ATLA? both So McFreaking Aro(tm) Also, a couple of characters from The Adventure Zone -- Lucretia and Lucas from the Balance arc come to mind, Nadiya Jones from the Commitment arc (Travis even said she wasn't interested in romance, so that's like as good as canon as we're
  2. I'm an agnostic atheist (although recently I've been leaning more heavily towards atheism as a concept) in that I believe there could be...something? Like, not any specific deity, more like I can't imagine that our universe was the first or only universe and there's probably beings out there somewhere that would seem like gods to us and maybe even something that created our universe, just nothing that would be considered divine? If that makes any sense lmao, i've put a great deal of thought into my views on religion in general and could probably write an essay on it
  3. Sup y'all I'm Ollie, I'm like 2 and a half years old and I guess I'm technically a high school graduate now and about to go to college, for some reason, what the heck (Is there a no swearing rule on this forum? is bad grammar frowned upon? I haven't been on a forum since I was like 14) ANYWAYS I'm aro as hell, I have some friends on here, and i'm fed up with tumblr discourse, so I figured I'd better join at some point [shrug emoji] I like sci-fi, I'm writing a book, and i'm Voidpunk As Hell
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