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  1. Thanks a lot for your clear explanation, @aro_elise! Although I'm Ace, I can relate many things you mentioned.
  2. Thanks a lot @arolectriclady! This explanation really makes sense! I like the metaphors, particularly cute animals! Thanks @Naegleria fowleri for sharing your experience. Yeah not directly 'teeling' it can work, too, bcause what I want is spending longer time with them. They are aro and they know I'm aro, too so there won't be any confusions but still I don't have courage to say something about it anyway.
  3. Falcon7

    My gender

    I can relate most of the things you said (apart from gender dysphoria as I have one and it's so annoying. and maybe I'm more leaning towards musc. side). For me it sounds like you are non-binary or Agender. I'm still trying to figure out my identity as well, so I undrstand the feelings of confusion and uncertainty. Gender identity is something that you figure out and not others. Also it can be fluid/changeable and that's totally fine, too. These days I'm trying to trace back my childhood memories (like what made me comfortable/uncomfortable). Also talking to other peopl whether online or in person is helpful, too. Your post is a brave, big step!
  4. I always add some brief explanation when I come out as Ace. Like, I'm Aro-Ace but not all Aces are Aro and there are some Aces who want to have relationship and feel romantic feelings etc. Usually it makes sense to most of people.
  5. Thanks @Naegleria fowleri , it's very helpful and now I think I got the meaning of it, too! If you don't mind to answer - did you tell those people that you had/have squish on them or just keep it in your mind? I kinda got the similar experience but not sure what to do with it.
  6. I had a conversation with non-aro friend and I couldn't really explain what 'squish' is. I could somehow clarify 'squish' and 'crush'. But Is it different from wish for a strong friendship with a specific person/already friend? Also how does it feel like to have 'squish'? I know it can be different from person to person but examples can be helpful. Thanks.
  7. Falcon7

    Afraid of squish

    Thanks.will try.
  8. So this week is Aro Awareness Week, right? I want to have Facbook frame for this week but don't know how to do, and have no idea in my mind. Has anyone made one?
  9. No worries, it's just for fun Good luck with your science competition!!
  10. Recently I've learnt that there is a phrase 'asking out'. Seems like it means ask someone to go to lunch or café or cinema and stuff. OMG isn't it just ,'hanging around'!? I'm do this quite often with many other friends...
  11. Well,when I was a kid I used to write some stories. Some of them bit like boy-meets-girl but always ended up with brother-sisterhood in the battlefield. Actually those characters were pretty much non-binary, plus they were usually not humans Other thing is when I came to know there are people who chose to be single. I was like 'yayyyyy' (I was 9 or 10 years old at that time)
  12. @Szokusia Wow you are so cool in many ways! Try this one then, if you are interested... According to the legend by the Vikings, there is a ship built by human nails, carrying bunch of monster-gods at the end of the world. (So if you cut your nail neatly, you can avoid the end of the world!) How many nails are needed to built a cool Viking warship?
  13. Hey just wanted to say hi to you guys. I'm on AVEN, too. I'm Aro-Ace-A gender ,( non binary) and possibly trans queer. Realising my romantic orientation was a great liberation for me. I'm very keen on visibility, so any ideas are welcome!
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