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  1. I just gave boxes of Belgian chocolates to my teachers and my two closest (female) friends
  2. *here lies a very dissappointing post that my past self wrote and I don't want to look at anymore* I like shipping
  3. My Social Studies teacher was just fanboying over pangolins

  4. I will question every single couple I see. And I just told 2 of my class/clubmates about aro and ace stuff so
  5. Someone wrote "THE EAGLES WON" on the whiteboard and someone else wrote "spurts r stuped" so I corrected them. 

    *Sports are stupid.

  6. The adventures of: Orphan tiger boy Suicide guy Angry ponytail guy Farmer boy Detective guy The one girl in the school uniform The guy that I feel bad for Intimidating old man guy Kimono girl Sadistic doctor woman That fight against: Evil coat guy Scary doll girl "Gross" -Suicide guy (Bungou Stray Dogs)
  7. A tv with no external audio and only a headphone jack.
  8. I'm pretty much magnetically attracted to my friend from pre-school does that count lol
  9. Liam (my very smart orchestra classmate who loves math and physics) and me having a semi-argument over the phrase "same difference"



    Liam: but we're talking pARTICLE PROJECTION HERE


  10. Thanks (´∀`*) The type of armour I was referring to was medeival. I searched it on the internet and found the average weight and did some math. You need to kill at least 4536 people btw
  11. German kid wants to kill big people things but ends up becoming a big person thing (Attack on Titan)
  12. I’m Szokusia and I’m a Japanese-Lithuanian-American who’s fluent in Japanese and English. I’m asexual and aromantic. I like to draw, listen to music, deduce stuff, and solve random questions with math (ex. How much hair dye is needed to dye all of Rapunzel’s hair, how much people I need to kill to forge a set of armour). I found out about LGBT people through my friend who did a research project on LGBTQ+ rights. I looked more into it and found out about aces and aros, and noticed that I am one at some point? I don’t exactly know when I started identifying as ace aro. Anyways, since I’m new, please tell me if I do something wrong or rude! (I also may be over-polite since idk why)
  13. There are about 4 grams of iron in the blood of an average male human About 40lbs of iron is necessary to forge a full set of medieval armour 40lbs=18144g 18144÷4=4536 You need to kill at least 4536 people to make a set of medieval armour Sounds like a lot but it will eventually add up so I think it’s worth it (wait actually please don’t)
  14. I’d rather be a ghoul (from tg) than get married
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