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  1. im friends w this girl that i get along rlly well with. we dont see each other a ton but when we do we talk a ton. i feel rlly good around her & its a rlly good friendship. ive experienced something similar to comphet w her, although in this case id call it compulsory alloromanticism ? like my brain does this thing where it tells me i should like her, bc we get along rlly well & i like her a ton as a friend. but now that that's stopped, im in this weird place where i dont necessarily want to be in a qpr w her, but if she asked, id 100% say yes. & i dont rlly know what that means. idek if i should talk to her abt it. help ?? lol
  2. i've seen this term flung around, & for a bit identified w it. however, now, to me it feels like it's trying to erase a normal part of being aromantic by creating a new, more specific microlabel, basically insinuating that only people who are oriented aroace can experience tertiary attraction, or painting aros/aroaces who do not experience tertiary attraction as a separate group, essentially dividing us. at the end of the day i really don't care too much, however it's interesting to hear others' takes. edit: obviously if ur oriented aroace that’s cool! if that’s what u vibe w & it makes u happy that’s awesome lol
  3. hello! i'm río, i identify as bi-oriented aroace, & i'm out to my close friends :] i'd questioned on & off for a long time, but repressed it really hard until i had a conversation w my ex-gf (who is also aroace) about how she figured it out & i realised that i am the same way. i don't really have a lot of people to talk things through with, so i'm really hoping that this can be a place where i'm comfortable sharing & discussing things. in other news, i'm very into reading, writing, music, & linguistics :] nice to meet yall !
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