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  1. I scored an 18 which makes sense to me since I have Asperger's which affects a lot of this. I paradoxically enjoy music (even really loud and abrasive music!) but if someone startles me I need to take a minute or two just to calm down before I can say anything. Additionally, violent TV/movies can siginficantly fuck me up because whenever someone dies I can't help but think "oh wow they had a family that loved them and their entire life just led up to that one moment.". It can get pretty uncomfortable.
  2. Unless I'm mistaken I think that the whole "sex is gross" comes from Plato who wanted humans to abandon their more "animalistic" desires in favor of more "human" behaviors. Romance becoming the gateway to acceptable sex continues to baffle me just because of the varying complexity and depth between sexual relationships and romantic relationships: it's like saying you can only have a platonic relationship with members of your family.
  3. I no longer feel like I'm "supposed" to enter a big, scary, dysfunctional romantic relationship! For an embarrassingly long time, I thought that lust + possessiveness = a crush or romance, leading to outcomes about as nice as you'd expect. I've only come to terms with my aromanticism recently (which is funny because I've been trans and involved in the queer community for a few years), but in a word, I'd describe my latest feeling as RELIEF. I've also had to come to terms that I'm not going to get laid for a while because apparently sex is a dirty thing that requires romance to be
  4. granted but you wake up billions of years later floating aimlessly in space I wish my teeth were always clean
  5. I play guitar and alto sax! I'm also tumbling into Music ProductionTM if we were to count that as an instrument
  6. Just throwing my two cents in: I'm someone who's aromantic but has sexual feelings but isn't quite sure which label of sexuality fits. Since I can describe myself as allosexual, I can make it clear that I experience sexual attraction but any certainty beyond that is up for grabs (think of significant figures).
  7. I'm grateful our forum has cute rawr machine I'm a biogenetics major going into my second year! I'm considering a double major in German because (in addition to taking it in high school) I've taken a few classes at the university and enjoyed it lots. My only advice for learning an instrument is that you're only finished when you quit. I've quit a few times, but always come back (to both saxophone and guitar) and now I feel some sort of agency to improve. Thanks for spreading the word on reddit! I'm really excited to meet more aros
  8. Hello! I found this forum from a post on the r/aromantic subreddit and it looks (both aesthetically and figuratively) awesome! About me: I'm trans! It's cool I only very recently became acquainted with the concept of aromanticism and boy, it's a huge weight off my shoulders. I've been in a couple of romantic relationships and things always felt amiss, but with such complex human interactions it's almost impossible to pinpoint such a vague feeling. I love making music! I play the saxophone and guitar and make typically lowkey, moody stuff. (I would LOVE to have discus
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