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  1. I would say, what you just described is the latter
  2. I think it is to do with loyalty. If you start to date your friends ex then you are not being very loyal to your friend. Its just one of those things i guess ! It befuddles me when people come out of a relationship and they want to get into another one almost immediately. Or when people always seem to want to be in a relationship, they are always looking to be in one. They have never really spent that much time alone because they have always had a partner. Just sounds too complicated for me !
  3. Hello... I have had friends who have been in a relationship for 2 or 3 years, it breaks down and they come out of it.. But within weeks they are in another relationship with someone else ! I have seen friends bounce from one relationship to another multiple times.. Until very recently It absolutely baffled me, i did not understand why they would do such a thing. On a psychological level i can understand why but not on a feelings level. I have had no desire to get into a relationship, and i guess that is because i lack these feelings, emotions and longing that the majority of people seem to have. Knowing this is very freeing and i have only learnt this about myself over the weekend ! It is nice to know i am not alone in feeling or not feeling this way ! I don’t know but i guess that most people have a longing and a need to have a partner in their life, which is something i just can not relate too ! It doesn’t really make much sense to me !
  4. Thanks all, i didn't realise there was an introduction forum until after i posted this.. Doh !
  5. I have been in one short team relationship about 13 years ago but that was driven by going out drinking and doing drugs. I do not do either of those now, i am 5 years sober.. I went on a date yesterday and realised that this is not what i want, i was so relieved when it ended ! She is a nice girl, bless her but i just do not have the desire to be in a relationship with anyone. I am happy being single and i enjoy my life. My life is simple and uncomplicated and i feel really grateful for that. So i would say i have tried but only very briefly. I am alone but not lonely.
  6. Tell me about it ! I get that from work mates. They think i should have a women in my life and that, "it would be good for me" ! And also the fact that i do not have much of a sex life, sometimes i feel like i am less than because i have not had loads of sex. If it comes along then great, but in all honesty, i just do not have a desire to go out looking for it, not having sex does not really bother me.. And the pressure from society to conform and be in a relationship and have kids ect.. But the more i learn about myself the more i am starting to realise that it is okay for me not to want those things..
  7. Hello everyone, hope all is well. I am new here and my name is Kevin.. I am a 35 year old male and was starting to question why i am not like everyone else... I was starting to think, what is wrong with me and that i was the only one... I am honestly happy being single, i have a nice, uncomplicated life. I have lived on my own since i was 17 and i have always enjoyed it. I don't feel like i need someone romantically in my life. But i was starting to think i should be out dating and that i should have a partner as it seems to be the norm... I went on a date today and i was so relieved when it was over.. I thought it was what i wanted but it is not, i just don't feel any need to be with someone. Thank god for the internet ! I decided to do a google search for, "is it okay to be single forever" and then after a few clicks found the word, Aromantic. I did not realise that there are other people like me who feel no desire to get into a relationship with another human. A romantic relationship that is.. I feel like, i just don't need to be with someone, i have no desire for a romantic relationship. I think that they are pointless. Why would i want another person to get in the way of me doing whatever i wanted to do !
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