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  1. The thing I really don't get is that calling someone your girlfriend or boyfriend seems to be such a big deal. My cousin is dating someone and my family refers to him as "*Cousin's name*'s friend". They put a weird emphasis on the word friend, as they know that my cousin's relationship with this guy is not platonic. But they refuse to refer to him as my cousin's boyfriend. One time, before she was with her current boyfriend, my cousin was with another guy. When my dad asked her if she would call him her boyfriend, she responded "I would say we're dating, but I wouldn't call him my boyfrie
  2. Science Fact: Aromantics and asexuals secrete a substance that causes short term memory loss. This substance gets stronger when the person thinks more about being ace/aro, hence people around them tending to only be affected when the person brings up their asexuality and/or aromanticism in conversation. This is just one of many superpower-like qualities asexuals and aromantics posses, such as invisibility. OK, not really. But I like to think of it as a superpower. Although admittedly a counterproductive one. I find that I have to very explicitly state that I am asexual arom
  3. I crave physical things like hugs and cuddling as well. I have some friends who like to be physical in this manor. I hug them hello and goodbye. Sometimes I cuddle with friends when I watch movie with them, or lean into them when we are sitting next to each other, but sometimes I feel bad initiating this. Even when a friend has told me that they love cuddling, I sometimes worry that if I ask if we can cuddle that they will reject me. Or that they will say yes, but only because they feel bad saying no. I don't see my friends very often either, as we have very different schedules, so my need for
  4. The other day I met up with a friend. I had offered to drive her home, and while we were walking to my car she pointed out a cafe and said "That's where my partner works." The whole ride home I was wondering if she meant romantic partner. I guessed she was, as if it were a friend she probably would have just called them her friend. When I got home, I looked at Friend's social media accounts to try to figure out if she was dating someone. I felt pretty bad for internet stalking her instead of just talking to her, but I can be really bad a talking to people. Friend's twitter profile picture was
  5. In 10th grade I went to my school prom with a close friend. It was pretty boring. I'm not sure why, but I stayed for all four hours. The first three consisted of pretending I loved other girl's dresses, eating gross food, and awkwardly shuffling to pop music. The last hour was better because there were more people dancing. My school was pretty chill as far as proms go. About 80% of people who came didn't have a date, and one couple was a same sex couple, which everyone seemed fine with. Although most people were dressed up, there was no big pressure to get a really expensive dress or suit, and
  6. I have told my younger brother, who is about four years younger than me. I was driving him home from school one day and ranting about how I hate that when I tell people that I like the avengers their first response is often "Who's the hottest Avenger?". I said that it was sexist that they assumed a girl only liked the Avengers for the "hot men", and that I'm not even into big, muscular guys, which is the who the Avengers is mainly made up of. My brother asked me what kind of guy I am into, and I gave an awkward laugh and responded "None of them". There was a short, awkward silence, and then my
  7. Hello! I have been on AVEN for about two months, where is where I heard of Arocalypse. I guess I haven't felt like I've found "my people" yet, so I wanted to try Arocalypse. I am asexual for sure. Having sex has never been something that has occurred to me as a good idea. I consider myself pretty much aromantic. Depending on the situation, I may call myself gray aro, but his doesn't happen often. I don't want to date, but sometimes I do have a crush on someone. Someone may seem cute, smart, funny, and give me butterflies in my stomach. But even then I don't want a romantic or sexual relationsh
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