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  1. I think I have a squish at the moment. Up until I heard about squishes I was terrified it was a crush lol. And that had me questioning whether I was actually Aro. I really wish I could tell her so maybe she’d wanna be closer friends (mutual friends currently) but I don’t know if she’d know what a squish was (also no one knows I’m AroAce). She’s Bi (I’m female too) and might think I mean I want a relationship with her if I try and explain Because IDK what a romantic attraction feels like I’ll try identify what a squish feels like to me? -I think they’re really cool -I really want to talk to that person and spend time with them -I find myself paying attention to what they say and caring deeply if they are upset -I find myself talking about them more than I do other people -I want to impress them so they’ll be my friend Dunno if any of this sounds right to others tho. (Also please send help, my best friend mentioned today that I talk about the person I have a squish on a lot, while doing that whole side grin thing at me. I think he thinks I have a crush)
  2. So, I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but I was thinking. Siren’s (the mythical evil mermaid creatures) are said to lure people into their clutches with their singing and beauty or something, right? So, technically, would aromantics be immune?
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