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  1. Hi and welcome^^ I am new here as well! Hope you'll like it here :3
  2. Oh, well, thank you for telling me^^ I already knew about it but it was very nice of you to inform me about it :3
  3. Yes. What's up with that?
  4. Thank you! Hope you do as well :3
  5. Hi there. The (rl) nickname's Elly and I am an 18 y/o aroace girl. I've recently discovered that I am aromantic and I also found this forum today, so... I decided to give it a try. ^^' I am very proud of my sexually and my romantic orientation and I believe everyone should be like that, no matter what. ❤ I am a digital art hobbyist, a (fan-fiction and original stories) writer and a keen science lover (especially CS and physics). I love listening to people, empathizing with them into solving their problems. I also am pretty shy, and... I just hope I'll meet wonderful people around here. Maybe even make some new friends. Thank you for reading this! :3
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