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  1. I identified with both of you. I'm a big shipper and I really like romance, but I really have an interest in all kind of relationships. I like the "sensual part" of a romantic relationship but talking about the "love" part it makes me uncomfortable, like I dont get it that much. My last relationship lasted 4 years and at a moment I actually feel love? And when I ended it for unrelated bussiness I felt like I stop loving him a long time ago, it was confusing. Now I'm in a relationship and I thought it was a type of a crush situation but now I'm confused lol
  2. (I don't know what kind of aro fits me better yet)((Sorry for my english)) I never had a crush when I was in middle school, I kinda forced one when I was like 10? because my mom always asked me if I had any crushes because "you always had one". Also I always doubted about my sexuality, because I am bi"sexual" but I'm not that interested in sex/I feel weird with having a male partner
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