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  1. This isn't really a thing in the Netherlands, but my secondary school did have a (boring) rip-off of it. I went with my friends, but did do the dressing nice thing. Everybody thought i looked AMAZING. I thought I looked like not me :P I also didn't think it was that fun honestly. xD  Literally people were so hyped over it and me and my friend were just like 'eeeeeh, wasn't that greaaaat...'

    On 26-4-2016 at 4:40 PM, Cassiopeia said:

    Europe has its own hetero-amatonormative tradition hell.

    Our variety of prom was a lot more formal, a white tie event with classical music and a choreographed ballroom dance. (And yes, all the cheesy figures were included, the boys had to go on one knee, the girls were lifted up, dipped back, we did bowing and curtsey things like five times)

    It was more like a performance than a party, the "dates" were paired up by teachers based on height and appearance, so the whole thing would look professional. The attendance was pretty much mandatory, and the rehearsals were part of the curriculum. The dress code was very strict, tux, white ties, white gloves for the boys, and a sleeveless, open back floor-length, gown in white with a hooped underskirt, white gloves and heels for the girls. Tattoos had to be covered up, no unnatural hair colours, no "extreme jewelry".  I was lucky enough to escape the heels part-only because I'm tall, and there were not enough boys over six feet. And of course everyone's whole damn extended family would show up to see their graduating kids all grown up, cleaned up, adulting.

    It was an acting gig with a hint of late 1870s arranged marriage elements, fake smiles, boredom, nervousness.

    Been there, done that. Whatever.


    My advice would be:

    -if you can't escape it, just try to detach yourself

    -think of it as acting, its just a role

    -don't drink to forget afterwards


    OMG. that sounds so awkward! At the same time it also sounds... At least a little more interesting than my end of school dance thing. Sounds like a fun little act to me, though of course I would've ruined everything with my entirely graceless way of dancing.. and walking in heels... let alone DANCING IN HEELS.... Yeah. They wouldn't want me there :P

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  2. 1 hour ago, aihpen said:

    Welcome, Elluna! :icecream: Ohhh, what part of the Netherlands are you from? I live just across the border in Germany, under 40 min away from Enschede if I remember right ^_^


    I live very close to the German border, but in a different place, so we don't live horribly close to each other :P


    Thanks for the welcome, all ^^

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  3. HI there!


    I'm Elluna, a 25 year old aromantic asexual from the Netherlands. Actually took me quite a while (until I was 23) to fully realise I wasn't a late bloomer. I noticed something was off about my (lack of) romantic experience when I was 12, but it took me a long time to realise that probably wasn't about to change anytime soon. I'm pretty secure in this identity now, though. :D

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