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  1. I just found this gem on a very old forum I used to be active on another member: I want a boyfriend 14 year old me: I don't Yet another member: I want a boyfriend too 14 year old me: WHY?
  2. I never understood them either, but I didn't think much of it because I was still really young to fall in love, right? (in my teens) or 'It could still happen, right?' (in my early 20s)
  3. When #SingleBecause is trending on Twitter and I'm just here like 'single cause aro yo'

  4. When you're talking about being aro in a chat, and someone tells you "Well 25 is still very young, it could just be that the time hasn't been right yet" ANDTHAT PERSON IS 19. I LITERALLY GOT TOLD 'YOU CAN'T KNOW YET' BY SOMEONE YOUNGER THAN ME. *animated laughing out loud smiley* #littlearothings (that made me laugh my ass off)
  5. Only occasionally *and* never enough to really be affected.
  6. 23. Before that I thought for a long time that I was a late bloomer, and then spent a year or so going "I *might* be aro buuuuut who knows" and then got sick of that and literally went 'f*ck it, I'm just gonna call it what it is now.' This is not to say that I ever bothered TRYING to find the "right one". I have never dated. I have never even considered it. I have, to be completely honest, never even HOPED to fall in love or anything like that. So when you look at it like that, I never *did* wait for "the right one". My form of "waiting" was literally just me not wanting to be wron
  7. When I was 16 (and unaware of being aro, though I was well aware of never getting crushes (just thought I was a late bloomer)) I had a shirt that said "friends are forever, boys are whatever"
  8. Seeing a shirt saying "no boyfriend no problem" and WANTING IT. #littlearothings
  9. Heyyy. Welcome! You shouldn't in any way feel unwelcome just because you're not aro! We do have a bunch of greyromantic people as well
  10. Ha, your brother sounds great I once kind of accidentally/unplanned came out to my mum. me: Sooo I don't think I'll really ever fall in love My mum: Eh, you'll just fall for the right person! me: Yeah but... I don't know I've never even had a tiny crush Mum: Maybe you're just afraid of it, like you're scared of change and you're just repressing the feelings? Me: But... Then I'd still feel it. Mum: I guess. Well as long as you end up happy it's all good right? Pretty okay response if you ask me!
  11. Eww, that's major irritating. I probably would've gone 'NO' as well and then if they tried to grab my hand and get me back... There'd probably be cursing. I am... not subtle. Same!
  12. tbh if someone did the repeated trying thing to me (especially even after I've clearly stated 'not interested, never will be') I'd probably just verbally explode in their face at some point. "HOW 'BOUT I'M NOT FRIGGIN' INTERESTED AND I'VE TOLD YOU THIS 3 MILLION TIMES NOW STOP FRIGGIN' ASKING!" Because seriously. When did we ever learn that sometimes, no means no? And not 'no but maybe later' Maybe that'd scare them off. Or I'd be labeled a b*tch. Probably the latter I literally never get asked out though. I.. do not mind this
  13. I'm not romance repulsed enough to actually hate romantic songs. I also don't hate terrible lyrics, but GOODNESS do I love to make fun of them
  14. Hmmmm... I think it's maybe not just the stalkers who would WANT it (or at least would want to be noticed by the person), but I just think that with most people it translates to wishful thinking rather than actually attempting something? Possibly? I don't really know either though.
  15. Actually literally NEVER? From... anyone? Seriously sucks that people think it's okay to assume that. Though once a few years back I was walking my dog and some older man started talking to me (because I asked him what was going to be growing on some field, I think, because they were working on it), and then he asked who my husband was (I suppose just because he wanted to see if he knew the guy? maybe? IDK, weird). I think I was 21 or 22 at the time and I was like 'dude I'm not married. Am I not a little young to be married? Also none o' your effing business...' Maybe when that man
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