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  1. So for me personally I got “crushes” a lot, but while I called them crushes, but I never saw the point to act on them. So I’d have all these little crushes and I wouldn’t do anything about it. I even had a crush on a kid for two years and I told him I liked him the day he was moving away. Then in middle school, that’s when my gender orientation became a question and I sort of stopped all “crushes or fantasies” except 2 of my friends told me they liked me and wanted to be with me, me being dumb and not understanding what I was yet said yes and ended up breaking up with both of them in less that 2 days. I just got really panicky that, suddenly I’d have to act different because we were in a relationship and I just didn’t see them like that. But now I hope I can go into high school and just feel better about relationships and accept that they just aren’t for me
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