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  1. For a while I oscillated between identifying as gay or bi, or maybe pan or omni, because I found pretty much all the genders to be (sometimes) attractive. What I didn't know what that I was mistaking aesthetic attraction for sexual attraction... *sigh* Nothing actually ever felt 'right', though. Then I discovered asexuality sometime in senior year of high school, and it was great, because I finally could look at something and go "yes, this is me, I identify with all of this!". Never looked back.
  2. Interesting! Sometimes I feel like I experience something similar to that, and then I will later rethink my thoughts and reactions, and start thinking that it was really a false positive... I certainly vary in how much I'm willing to be intimate with somebody, but I've never been able to conclusively find anything that might be an actual romantic attitude, so I guess I don't know. It's interesting to think about/keep in mind though. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I got dragged on by Ciiriianan yesterday when ey found out about it. So, I guess heard from a friend? Not sure where Ciirii found it.
  4. Wow, there's surprisingly not many people from the eastern US here. (I'm east coast of North America, EST.)
  5. I'd be up for a bit of wiki editing, I think. Good practice!
  6. I'm so into rings you have no idea. I'd support the idea of a white or silver plain ring on the left middle finger, I think... my right middle finger is already taken by my ace ring, without which I cannot leave the house or I feel naked, and I dislike the idea of ring stacking.
  7. Aww, everyone is so nice. Thank you all for the ice creams. Also, I guess I will add this now, since Jade and aihpen were so kind to let me know about the other nonhumans on this site. I'm glad you appreciated that. I added that primarily cause I'm also a nonhuman, but I guess I didn't know if I was comfortable letting that out so soon (right in my first post!). But it seems like there's a good population so I feel a lot more comfortable already. Thank you for that.
  8. Starting with Hanna Kolb (I clicked the random article button) Germany - German language - West Germanic languages - Germanic languages - Indo-European languages - Language family - Language - Communication - Meaning - Semiotics - Ferdinand de Saussure (!!) - Linguistics - Science - Knowledge - Awareness - Consciousness - Quality - PHILOSOPHY I think that was 18 clicks total. I'm so glad I got taken through so many linguistics articles. It seems appropriate. Starting now with Murray Beach Provincial Park. Provincial park - Park - Recreation - Lei
  9. I can't say I've found people who drain me that minimally, but I have definitely found people who drain me a lot less than others do. Interestingly, I've found some people inexplicably cause more drain than others, despite being very similar in personality and presentation -- no idea what's up with that, but it's definitely a thing. To date, I've only found one person that I know I could live in an apartment with, and it helps that she's also a severe introvert. When we were roomed together in first year of college, we ignored each other about half of the time, and the other half w
  10. It's always very nice to not have to worry about the sort of... "do they like me??" situation, and worry yourself to death over it, as I saw many friends do in high school. As a result I find it a lot easier to recognize when I do enjoy someone's company, and to just sort of accept it and then get on with my life after giving them a little token of 'good friend' regards or something. It also means I get to feel happy for my cousin's oncoming marriage without feeling like I'm being left out, because I have no desire to marry anyway and I'm chill with it.
  11. Accent challenge go! Turn your volume down before listening, it gets a little loud. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1cNISgK5JYf The passage I read is from 'Annihilation' by Jeff Vandermeer, a book I cannot recommend highly enough if anyone wants to give it a go.
  12. 'Heart On' by Celldweller. [please note explicit lyrics if you decide to click through]
  13. (I'm really very bad at these. Sorry in advance.) Hi humans and/or nonhumans, I'm Abyss. I have other names but usually have complicated relationships with them so let's just go with Abyss for everything. I am agender and aroace, with maybe a touch of polyamory? It's unclear but I might currently be in two distinct qp relationships and I have pretty much no problem with this idea. I am a junior in college with a major in linguistics, preparing to thesis next semester. I love linguistics -- outside of prose and art for my fiction projects, linguistics basically consumes
  14. avatar pic success

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      Mega avatar pic success ;)

  15. trying to figure out the picture I want to use for an avatar

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