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  1. Hey! I've had my suspicions about being on the aro spectrum for a few years now, since I was 14 and questioning my sexuality. I was confused for a while, because most of the time I would see the term aromantic used in conjunction with the term asexual, and I am not asexual. Furthering the confusion was the fact that I experienced squishes that I was mistakenly calling crushes. But yeah, I'm just now coming to terms with my odd relationship with romance, and I identify loosely with the term quoiromantic and more solidly with the terms bisexual and biromantic (I totally accept that gender isn't a binary, but I'm more comfortable with the term bi than with pan/poly so I interpret bi as meaning more than one gender). I'm kind of out as bisexual on a sort of "if it comes up naturally in a conversation I have no qualms about telling you" way, mainly because I pretty lazy and I don't want my sexual/romantic orientation to define me. It's just how I am, no different from anything else. No need to make a big deal out of it. I'm not out as quoiromantic, partly because it's harder to explain, partly because I am less certain of it, partly because it isn't really anyone's business that I can't clearly identify romantic feelings. So I was super excited to find this forum! I've wanted to explore aromanticism more, so I look forward to participating here!
  2. I deeply love certain kinds of romance stories. Think John Green, Sarah Dessen. I would also consider marriage.
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