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  1. Partly because, I think, they crave sex and romance so much that they really do feel incomplete without it. We know we are not missing out on much, but sometimes our families and friends want us to happy in just exactly the same way as they are. There are pros and cons to the single life, and pros and cons to married life as well. This isn't an exact comparison, but I once accidentally - tactlessly - asked someone how they survived as an only child. I can't imagine life without siblijngs. I can't/couldn't iimagine life without a sibling. In the same way, they feel as if you're deprived of something, when really, you're quite content the way you are.
  2. Hi all! I'm in my late twenties and am most probably aromantic and demisexual. Never had crushes, but I love kissing, cuddling and sex if they're with the right person. I might've had squishes on a couple of fictional characters I have experienced secondary, but never primary, sexual attraction. This has been with 1 person. I'm sometimes aesthetically attracted to people. No clue what romantic attraction is, and I'm only just beginning to understand why people might crave romance My family doesn't get the difference between romantic & sexual attraction, and insists that "I'm not letting myself" fall in love because I feel inferior & I'm too scared FWB/QPR sounds good to me. Having said that, I've always had avoidance issues, particularly around friendship. So I'm also very lonely and afraid of emotional intimacy. As my life has begun to improve, I'm more open to the idea of dating, if only to prove my family wrong I really like those slow burn slash fanfictions where people are just head over heels by the end of it I'm very... hesitant to get involved with people emotionally and this is what terrifies me about dating. I've always viewed it as a kind of craving to be closer than close, and I'm romance-repulsed in the sense that I think romantic relationships are juvenile and overly focused on. "A relationship' doesn't just mean romantic/sexual, and I've come to loathe the word when it's used as shorthand for romantic/sexual relationship. Genuinely don't understand how a romantic relationship is functionally different from... like, best mates with benefits who live together. I'm very shy of/scared of initiating anything, e.g. kissing, but have made out with a guy on the second date. But I have no idea if that's what sexual attraction is - it's physical chemistry, yes, but attraction? For some reason, I think I may be heterosexual, but I'm not sure. Sorry for the tl;dr. What d'you guys think? cheers.
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