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  1. That’s a really interesting point of view! I had never thought about it like that before, but you make a good point, it does seem like a holiday that is focused on romantic stuff . A lot of my friends/family are spending New Years with their significant others. I personally got a New Years kiss from my dog 🐶
  2. My name is Kristen, and I recently started identifying as aromantic. I am excited to join this forum and meet more people like me! I was actually in a relationship when I found out I was aromantic. Once I started thinking about it, I realized that I much preferred just ‘hanging out’ with that guy like friends would do, and I really wasn’t into the romantic stuff. I just wasn’t attracted to him in the same way that he was attracted to me. I also realized I felt the same way when I was in previous relationships. Once I made that discovery, I started googling things to find out what was “wrong” with me. That was when I discovered aromanticism, and I found out that there isn’t something wrong with me, that’s just the way I am! 😊 It still took me a while to be accepting of myself and my identity, but the more I got to know about it, the better I felt. I’m excited to join the conversation here, and learn even more!
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