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  1. Books might be good sources as well! I know a lot of lgbt authors have compiled 'survival guides' that kinda go through different lgbt identities! I did a whole project on lgbt books in my children's literature class last year, and I know The ABCs of LGBT by Ash Hardell (which is available for free online!) definitely mentions aro identities! I also think the author may also be aspec! And if we wanted to talk about amatonormativity, it was coined by Elizabeth Brake in Minimizing Marriage, Marriage, Morality and the Law. The author doesn't directly mention aromanticism but I think it would be cool to talk about how feminism and other social issues have influenced aromantic communities as well! ,
  2. Hey Friends, I'm Alex! I'm 19, non-binary, gray ace/aro and pan! I still can't figure out if I'm pan-romantic or pansexual so I just say pan lol.
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