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  1. Wow I haven't been on here in a long while...

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    2. RedNeko


      Hi again. Don't worry, we still remember you :)

    3. omitef


      You're always welcome here. :icecream:

    4. Louis On Air

      Louis On Air

      Hey I took a hiatus too!

  2. [sticks my leg up in the air] nice

  3. hooo HOO jimmy whetzel's streams are a wild ride

  4. tfw you're an emotionless rock that struggles with creating ties w/ people but as soon as a fav YT posts LGBT+ support [[[SUPER SENTIMENTAL AND MUSY MODE,,,,,ACTIVATE]]]

  5. How 2 deal with a friend getting out of a break up [that lasted like, less than a week]?

  6. Finished PBG's route in Asagao Academy. Got the best possible ending and apparently that's hard to get so now my aromantic ass is ye olde date sim guide LMAO (Not that I mind! I love helping people!)

  7. Wow. Finally figured out the whole status update situation. Nice nice!

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