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  1. On the topic of bed-sharing: I don't hate the idea, as long as I have enough space to myself. I legit thought sleeping in each others' arms was just a fake thing people did in movies, but my friend's horror-struck face when I said that made me realize it's a Thing. Also, as a kid, I cried at the end of Disney's Aladdin because I was so sure Aladdin was going to ditch Genie for love T_T AND THEN I LOST IT AND CRIED AGAIN when he ended up not choosing Jasmine over Genie.
  2. Soooo I registered my account in May, but life happened, and welp it's suddenly July. Oops. Anyways, hello fellow aros! I'm Fish, and you can also call me RJ. I'm 37, bi/pan and arospec. She/her, gender-questioning, married to a straight man, and despite feeling super miserable and "not normal" for years, had no inkling I wasn't straight for the longest time because my identities are pretty invisible/straight-passing and the heteronormativity is STRONG. I'm out online, but not IRL, and my feelings about this are pretty fluid - some days I'm quietly happy knowing who I a
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