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My crushes were just obsessions

Guest Alel

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So, Ive only experienced strong attraction to 2 people. One a boy and one a girl. 

The thing is, I always questioned, even while I was into them, if I really liked them, bc it felt sorta like I liked the idea of them. I found myself obsessing over this love story with them, that most of the time, wasn't true. 

I don't know if I'm aromantic or where I fall. 

I used to get mad that friends would constantly talk about boys specifically and I found myself not understanding the hype around boys, even tho I felt like I needed their attention. 

So I thought I might be lesbian for a while, I just haven't been in queer spaces or had queer friends to know how I really feel. I've never been with anyone either. 

I feel like I have to experience somthing to know how I would react bc I have no clue how I would. 

But I can't figure out if how I feel about men is how I feel about women. And I find myself being afraid that I might not like women bc I feel a kind of attachment to them. 

I know you can be lesbian and aromantic, but I'm trying to figure out if I'm just lesbian or aromantic and possibly lesbian. 


Please help me. 

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