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What is little romantic attraction? Identity crisis

Guest YanSimIsAScam

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Guest YanSimIsAScam

I never had any interest in romance or anything that could be classified as falling in love. However, I used to be too bigoted towards fictional characters who are related to me in terms of their life history, personality, phenotype, etc. This has stopped happening. I'll tell you how it worked: I saw similarities and then I spent the whole day comparing myself to them. Now, there were two cases of characters who had a certain connection with romantic love in their series. Due to fanaticism I decided to fantasize about them as my "waifus" when I first heard that term and that it was related to them. I ruled out the second case as a "weak" romantic attraction because in my mental roleplay I told her: "I'm with you because I feel sorry for you." Then there is the other case. It was that character that I first fantasized about in that way but it's all confusing. I am going to give details for you to evaluate:

My heart didn't flutter just thinking about her. Normally, in romantic attraction, these feelings are induced just by thinking about the other person.

Not butterflies.

No decrease in logical thinking. I was still able to analyze the character's actions objectively.

I was just fantasizing out of boredom, and it wasn't all day.

I got bored after 6 months, and started with the other character, also associated with romantic love. The latter lasted 4 months.

I changed characters because I no longer had anything to learn from her and I got bored. I stopped doing this when I stopped being interested in the concept of "waifu."

I was a fan of other characters but since they were not associated with romantic love I did not fantasize, so I discarded them as a crush.

Even when I was at that time I was clear that it was not romantic love. People asked me: Who is your crush? and I answered that I didn't have one. I identify as aromantic since October 2023 when I studied romantic love from the perspective of neuroscience and saw that mine has nothing to do with it. Neuroscience maintains that romantic love feels like a "drug" or an "addiction" and I've never felt that way. It was when I entered aromantic spaces (just as an observer and to learn more) that I heard people talk about "little romantic attraction," "weak romantic attraction," or "incomplete romantic attraction." None of this is supported by evidence, or at least has not been studied. Now I'm having doubts about being aromantic. If I said something wrong, I apologize, I'm autistic and sometimes I don't notice when I overdo it. Im not Eng-speaker.

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