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'No need to bother on my account.' - Eeyore, 'The Tigger Movie'

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Hello! I've been browsing the Arocalypse forum for about a month now, today I decided to introduce myself!

I go by Eeyore on the Internet, I use any pronouns. I'm in the age gap of 20-25, a student. I am asexual aromantic, (most likely) alloplatonic. My hobbies include many things - the current interest includes handcraft, especially bracelet knitting. I would also like to learn programming. I am currently trying to find my own fashion aesthetic (I really like anything related to forests and/or outer space). I am also a member of the student organisation at my university where I try to educate myself and others about LGBTQIAP+ and neurodivergent communities.

I may be awkward at the beginning, but I really fancy meeting new people. Happy to be here!

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