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The asexual male non official thriller


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Screenshot_20240306-160907_Facebook.jpg.54bca8b16f8cd8119bff3da46fdd9e21.jpgThe Asexual male story (Triller non official)


This is the Asexual male Story triler this is a triller non official treats the Asexual male Story.


Scene 1: Jesus Dario or JD talks his story.


Jesus Dario: I'd considerate as asexual and aromantic when i was 15 years old i didn't felt atraction any to girls and any to boys in the school i didn't liked anyone when the kid arrives to the puberty is there that starts to like him someone in my case was different i didn't felt attracted to any gender.


This is a story based in true stories the names of the characters has been modified by protection.


Scene 2: Archive 1st January 2006 When Jesus Dario he was in the interview visibilizing the asexuality in media.


Carlos Turcker: You don't think much in sex?


Jesus Dario: I do not think much in sex i am not that person that thinks much in sex the majory of the people thinks in sex.


Carlos Turcker: The people has a porn mind?


Jesus Dario: The people has a porn mind the brain of the people is full of porn the people inside of theirs brains have a porn chip that chip i can not process it.


Live experiences understand the world seriously you're with friends and you're horny or hot and wow i know how live my world with sex or with sex.


Scene 3: Jesus Dario appeared on the Breakfast with Monica and Caroline 


Jesus Dario: Asexual is someone that doesn't experience sexual atraction to anothers an example: one looks to that person at the park in bike or walking and not finds the attractive sexy of that other person is possible that is asexual and one is in anywhere and not feels that atraction to have some sexual with that person.


Monika: That's not a choice, which is celibacy?


Jesus Dario: For me intrisically the asexuality is an sexual orientation while the celibacy is a choice the person choice have not sex i do not have none sexual desire to anyone.


Caroline: When has you discovered that you were asexual?


Jesus Dario: When i was 14 years old or 15 fifteenth years old i hasn't felt attracted to the boys and girls of my school do not attracted me sexually.


Monika: What's up never you has felt nothing sexual toward yours friends?


Jesus Dario: offcourse i hasn't experienced none desire to have some sexual any with the boys and girls of my school there was signs if asexuality in my past.


Caroline: you has tried to have sex with youself?


Jesus Dario: I tried have sex with me but one must use his sexual energy as i said to everyone i do not have sexual desire that sexual desire is an energy whose energy i've that use not trying have sex with meself or with someone without matter the sex or gender but i known't if have sex with a man or with women or with boths sexs or others genders to finally that desire is lost or doesn't exists.


Monika: you has got sex in your life?


Jesus Dario: Nop, never i got sex, never i desired sex i am not desiring have sex with my friends of the school.


Monika: The asexuality is a choice or is an sexual orientation or is a choice?


Jesus Dario: The asexuality is for me an sexual orientation oriented toward none sex or gender one person that is asexual can choice or not choice have sex the asexuality is that the person doesn't feel none desire to have sex i do not have sexual desire any to men and any to women is that i don't have sexual desire to anyone.


Jesus Dario: When i was horny and i felt physically contacts with the guys of my school but stop wait why i'm horny inside of my mind i didn't desired more there and still i dodn't desire have sex with anyone so that you're horny and my mind was catched and i didn't felt desire to be with my friend i don't want be with that person if man or women 


This is my story


Triller Asexual male story 



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