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Garlic bread policy


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The Garlic bread policy 


The Garlic bread policy is a policy or condition in that the asexual person thinks eat garlic bread in time to have sex with that person prefers eat garlic bread and because is used the garlic bread the asexual community would prefer eat garlic bread to use this type of policy in time to have sex with the same gender or opposite gender would prefer eat garlic bread.


1.The preference of the garlic bread?


Eat garlic bread use this policy in time to have sex or sexual intimacy example of this policy:


One people wants have sex with me without the gender if is man or women any type of person in time have sex or in time engage in any sexual activity with others without matter the gender.

I'd prefer eat garlic bread in place to have the sexual activity with said person i prefer eat garlic bread that's the garlic bread.


2.The garlic bread wouldbe good asexual representation?


The garlic is an asexual plant is perfect and the garlic bread yet more baked or fried with sausage or with chesses covered the garlic is delicious in time to have sex how for example: Wow delicious garlic bread someone if desires sex i'd eat garlic bread but does is obligatory eat garlic bread this a policy or symbol would have the tentation to taste the garlic bread.


You go to a bakery and you see in the vitrine garlic bread delicious you've hungry you can buy the garlic bread and you do not desire eat or taste it you do not desires sex you are asexual you do not feel that desire to do with that person something sexual you prefer or you have the interest eat garlic bread 


As a simple symbol of the asexuality a guideliness perfect of the garlic bread policy 


A couple that live with couple does not desire sex there is is the garlic bread a use of this policy good.



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