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Are Frogs Aromantic?


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Hello, I have analyzed and I have seen that the frogs are aromantic as represented by the aromantic culture at that time, in fairy tales when the princess has to kiss a type of batrachian known as a toad or frog ah! but there is a difference between toad and frog  Maybe it's that when the prince is in the form of a frog, absolutely no one would kiss him and in nature the frogs walk alone eating horseflies and flies.  The frogs would be a representation of the aromantic culture, of course, of course these animals are green and green is the opposite of red, an example If you invert the red it will turn green and if you do it the other way around the green will be red the frogs do not socialize as much in reality it is an animal an amphibian hoop but I will return to my question: are aromatic frogs and my short answer is if, as fairy tales show, no one is going to fall in love with a frog or toad and thus frogs are declared as aromantics117344550_frogs(6).png.81cf10522b1f7351e5292122cbfeb9a5.png.bbcb483eecfe63c770bba71bdfb63463.png

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