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Is Love Romantic? An Aromantic Perspective


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I found an interesting article: romantic love, an aromantic perspective. 

"Yes, you can be happy if you are not in a romantic relationship. Not everyone should strive for a romantic relationship… you don't need it. First of all, you should not be in a romantic relationship if you don't want it. A lot of people enter a romantic relationship because they feel like they should or that they need to for some reason (personal, society, family, friends). So if you are not ready, if you don't want to be, if you don't like the person who's offering it to you, don't do it. Don't force yourself to be in relationships you don't want to be in. Also, some people just don't ever want to be in that type of relationship (don't feel the attraction, have trauma, or don't like the actions that come with a relationship). There's no reason why you can't live like that. There's no reason you can't be happy not having a romantic relationship. Romance does not equal happiness. If you think about everything you can experience in the world, there is so much more to the world than just a romantic relationship. You don't need it to have a happy and fulfilled life. Romance does not give you happiness. It is a neutral form of relationship. It can be both a positive and negative thing. It does not guarantee anything other than a set of feelings that you may have. A lot of people assume that you have to have a romantic relationship to be happy. But it is simply a neutral category of emotions. "

here the link: https://www.andrews.edu/life/student-movement/issues/2024-02-16/humans__love-aromantic-perspective.html


I hope this helps. 

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